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Step 1

Book Your Appointment

Click the link below to book your appointment with one of our Naturopathic Doctors.

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Appointment Types

Initial Consultation

Duration: Up to 50-55 minutes

Details: The first step for general health concerns. We begin with a detailed assessment and may recommend relevant testing.

Cost: $210 – $265*

*supplements and test fees not included

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Initial Comprehensive Consultation

Duration: Up to 80 minutes

Details: The first step for those who have complex health concerns. We begin with a detailed assessment and may recommend relevant testing.

Cost: $315 – $380*

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Extended Consultation

Duration: Up to 50-55 minutes

Details: Second consults, regular check-ins, review of lab work, and creating and modifying treatment plans.
Cost: $210 – $265*

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Regular Consultation

Duration: Up to 40 minutes

Details: Regular check-ins, review of lab work, and creating and modifying treatment plans.
Cost: $205*

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Short Consultation

Duration: Up to 20-25 minutes

Details: Once your treatment plan is established, we use short consultations for minor treatment modifications and lab review.

Cost: $105 – $140*

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*Fees and appointment lengths offered are practitioner-specific, please click here to see our Clinic Policies and Practitioner Fees. Supplements and test fees not included.

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Step 2

Set up your Patient Health Portal

After booking your appointment, you will receive an email with instructions to set up your patient health portal and receive consent and intake forms to complete via your patient health portal.

Step 3

Review FAQs

Click the link below to review the most common questions we get about our services and what you can expect.

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Step 4

Prepare For Your Appointment

Once you have created your patient health portal login, please upload copies of any blood work results, previous test results and relevant imaging reports completed in the past two years to the ‘documents’ section of your patient health portal. In many cases, we feel that normal test results may not be good enough for you and want to ensure that your results are ‘optimal’ for peak health.

Step 5

Attend Your Virtual Appointment

Attending your appointment has never been easier for Ontario residents. Appointments are virtual and can be accessed directly through a website browser, no need to download any software. Simply click the link below to log in!

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Step 6

Access and Store Your Medical Information via Your Patient Health Portal

Current Whole Medicine patients can access their personalized treatment plans, share documents and download lab requisition forms through the secure and confidential patient health portal.

Access Patient Portal

Accessing Your Visit Summary

Visit summaries include all supplements and instructions recommended by your ND.

Document Sharing & Uploading

You can access documents shared by your ND and upload documents and previous lab tests to share with your ND.

Access Your Lab Orders & Results

Your lab orders can be printed to take to the lab. After you have reviewed your lab results with your ND, you can access a copy through your patient health portal.

The Whole Medicine Formula for Success


We begin with a detailed assessment and relevant testing to get a big-picture view of what’s going on.


We work with you to prioritize issues and address each of your concerns in the right order.


We use customized treatments to get to the root of your concerns instead of just treating your symptoms


We educate and empower you with diet & lifestyle changes to keep you feeling your best.


Your needs change. Regular check-ins and treatment plan modification help keep you healthy over the long term.

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