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Whole Medicine Wellness Centre is a multi-disciplinary Natural Health Clinic offering Naturopathic Medical Care, Acupuncture, and Specialized Testing for Metabolic, Hormonal, and Digestive concerns.

525 March Road,
Kanata, ON.

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headshot of Dr. Chelsey Corrigan, ND

Dr. Chelsey Corrigan, ND:

Dr. Chelsey Corrigan ND is an Ontario Registered Naturopathic Doctor with a focus on thyroid conditions, metabolic concerns, digestive disorders and women’s health. Whether you have a specific concern or want to proactively enhance your quality of life, making people happier and healthier is what Chelsey is passionate about. Chelsey was nominated as Ottawa’s Best Naturopathic Doctor in 2018 by FACES magazine and again in 2020 by the Ottawa Health and Wellness Online Expo.

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Chelsey believes strongly that health and wellness are our most valuable assets and that proper nutrition, exercise, rest and stress management play a vital role in being our best selves. She enjoys most forms of exercise including crossfit and is passionate about the outdoors, spending her free time snowshoeing, camping and gardening.

Chelsey holds both a Bachelor of Physical and Health Education and a Bachelor of Sciences from Queen’s University. She has completed a four-year, full-time doctorate program at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, Ontario. Subsequently, she was accepted into and graduated from a one-year clinical residency program to further her medical training.

Chelsey is passionate about integrative and preventative healthcare and will happily work with you and your current medical team. She strives to empower you to take control over your health, educate you on the best of both conventional and complementary medical approaches and keep your body and mind radiant and healthy for years to come.

Dr. Kealy Mann, ND

Dr. Kealy Mann, ND:

Kealy is an Ontario Registered Naturopathic Doctor. Kealy was nominated as Ottawa’s Best Naturopathic Doctor in 2014 by FACES magazine and currently has a family care naturopathic practice with a focus on digestive concerns, endocrine and hormonal health, as well as women’s and children’s health.

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She uses a variety of natural therapies, including nutritional medicine, botanical medicine, and acupuncture, to treat each patient individually with the medicine that is right for them. She is passionate about helping her patients regain their health and wellness using natural and non-invasive therapies. Kealy also believes that if children have a healthy start to life, they will carry it through into their adult years. She works with families to use natural therapies to heal some of the common complaints that seen in kids – Because healthy kids make happy kids (and parents!).

By using a whole systems approach, Kealy is able to help her patients deal with the underlying issues that result in symptoms. After dealing with her own personal illness, she has dedicated her career to addressing the root causes of chronic disease, in order to help her patients heal, instead of masking their symptoms.

headshot of dr jola sikorski in front of leaves

Dr. Jola Sikorski, ND:

Dr. Jola Sikorski, ND is an Ontario Registered Naturopathic Doctor with a focus on fertility and perinatal health, children’s health, digestive disorders, and mental health concerns such as stress, anxiety, and depression.

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As a former professional musician, she also has a special interest in injury prevention and optimizing the physical and mental aspects of performance for both professional and hobbyist musicians and other creative and performing artists.

Jola believes in a patient-centered, collaborative approach to healthcare for both acute and chronic concerns using botanical medicine, acupuncture, and lifestyle medicine. She believes that health is more than the absence of disease and includes individualized nutrition, exercise, rest, and play – for both children and adults! In her spare time, Jola enjoys experimenting with food and flavours and spending time outside with her kids exploring the art of foraging and wildcrafting herbs and edible plants.

Jola aims to provide a supportive environment to parents and help weed through the age of over-information to provide safe and helpful health information for infants through teens while setting the foundation for health and teaching the tools to maintain it. As a Birth Doula, Jola has helped families navigate the transition to parenthood and she is passionate about healthy and evidence-based pregnancy, labour, and birth.

Following her undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto, Jola completed the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine’s four-year, full-time degree program, including a focus shift in chronic fatigue/pain during her internship year. Upon graduation, she received CCNM’s Humanitarian award for her work and advocacy in fostering change and accessibility within the school, student body, and profession.

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