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At Whole Medicine Wellness Centre, we use evidence based, natural therapies to help you achieve optimal wellness. We take time to listen and understand your health concerns with the goal of finding and treating the root cause of illness.

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Naturopathic services

Digestive Help

Good digestion is the foundation to your health. If you suffer from IBS, Heartburn, Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis, let us show you how to improve your digestion and end your suffering.

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Hormone, Thyroid & Metabolic Help

Balanced thyroid, sex and stress hormones are the cornerstone to a woman’s wellbeing. Proper hormone balancing can improve weight, mood, energy, memory, cognition, sex drive, skin and sleep. Don’t let another day go by with hormones that control how you feel.

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Autoimmune Help

Autoimmune conditions have many contributing factors. We work together to identify these factors such as food intolerances, digestive dysfunction, GI flora imbalance, sluggish detoxification, poor stress management & nutrient deficiencies.

Kids Health

Healthy kids make happy kids. Learn how to optimize your child’s health and minimize the use of medications early on in life. At Whole Medicine Wellness Centre, we show you how to optimize digestion, immune function and mental health to give your kids the best possible start.

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