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Supplement Refills

Refills for supplements must be confirmed via email or phone prior to pick-up.

525 March Road,
Kanata, ON.
2544 County Road 29.
Pakenham, On

Please note:

Refills for supplements must be confirmed via email or phone prior to pick-up.

Supplement refills can only be issued for patients who have seen their ND within the past 6-12 months.

Prescription refills cannot be completed via email and require a consultation with your ND and applicable lab tests completed. Please call us to arrange an appointment at (613) 624-5000.

Supplement 1
Supplement 2
Supplement 3
Supplement 4

Please check the box to verify if each statement is true:
 My prescription medications and doses have not changed since my last visit with my ND
 I am not pregnant or breastfeeding
 I have no new medical diagnosis since my last visit with my ND
 I have seen my ND in a scheduled consultation within 6 months of this request

If any of the above statements are untrue, please book a follow-up appointment with your ND first. We cannot refill supplement requests until an appointment is complete to ensure your continued health and safety. To book please call 613-624-5000 or book on-line through this website.

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